Fashion is in the eye of the beholder ....

According to cheap car insurance website trends and fads are everywhere. They are on clothing racks in both high and low end retail stores, in fashion magazines, runways and even tabloid magazines. Celebrities unintentionally start trends with a fresh haircut or an unseen cut of jeans. Photographers snap hundreds of pictures and after the photos have been published, new fashions are born. They grab the attention of both teenagers and working adults, men and women.

It seems that 2010 was the year of the most change. Men in Hollywood left the baggy jeans and oversized shirts behind and began wearing form fitting pants with high top sneakers. The hairstyles became more unique featuring different length cuts and facial hair changes. The women either got ultra long hair extensions or cut the majority of their hair off and streaked it with wild colours. Once the trends are spotted, their influence is spread worldwide. Ladies flock to hair salons asking for what a certain celebrity now has, magazine picture in hand while men trade in their cargo pants for skinny jeans and tighter fitting tops.

Probably the biggest reason for the fashion influence takeover is that celebrities show their solid confidence and their refusal to follow the current trends. People young and old want to break the mould and stand out away from their peers and are willing to take the fashion and style risks to do so. However there will always be those who shy away from the alarming fashion trends in Hollywood and keep their wardrobe just as it has been for years. The vivid hair highlights and six inch stiletto heels may just prove to be too risky for the high school student who wants to simply blend in or the businesswoman who knows her clientele just wouldn't appreciate the shocking changes.

Glancing through a retail store and seeing the flashback of bangle bracelets, zebra print shoes and massive shoulder bags show the power of celebrity influence. These fashions were once thought to be sealed away in the vaults of fashion history but have since made a raging comeback. Oversized sunglasses that seemingly cover far more than the eyes appear in every retail store, gas station and mall kiosk. They are there and profitable because of the celebrity representation.

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Celebrities may not realize their influence but their trendsetting power is huge among shoppers. Although not considered a celebrity, the occupants of the White House even have the ability to challenge the norm and set trends for others. After famous people make appearances, the jewelry worn in pictures is searched out on the Internet and either purchased at full price to ensure the consumer has exactly what the celebrity was wearing or the buyer embarks on a search to find the cheapest look alike in order to stay within their means. Bulky

It's not completely clear as to why celebrities have such a massive influence on trends in fashion. Is it their daring attitude? Is it that because they can establish anything they choose to wear or decorate themselves with will likely garner attention? Of course the attention can be negative and ridiculed but it seems many still believe that any press is good press. Mom jeans started as a welcome trend as it linked mothers and housewives to celebrities who prefer higher cut, more age appropriate jeans rather than low riding, more revealing pants. But once a picture is taken of a celebrity wearing a pair from an unflattering angle, the jeans get pushed back into the closet for fear of ridicule.

Celebrities and average people will always have one thing in common: they want to look nice, they want to be aware of the current trends and they want their appearance to be appreciated. We all might not have the same financial access but we all strive to have the admiration that celebrities have.